If you have ever imagined your business enhanced, streamlined and made easier by allowing your devices to be wirelessly connected, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) makes this idea a reality.


The IoT creates revenue for your business

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By 2025, the IoT could generate more than $11 trillion a year in economic value

manufacturers increase investment

77% of manufacturers expect to increase investments in the IoT


There are over 120 different cloud IoT platforms

We create products for the IoT


The IOT Architecture Group is the authoritative voice in IoT product development.  Our electrical engineering expertise is broad and industry knowledge wide-ranging so, unlike our competitors, we offer an array of original protocol and connectivity alternatives. We help you determine the best design to get your devices connected to the IoT.


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The IOT Architecture Group believes IoT product design and development is different than traditional product design, and our group was formed to address this change. We bring a nimble, data-driven approach to creating electronic products for the IoT and have allied with leading industrial firms to create a better experience for their customers.

From turnkey tech startups to complex industrial organizations and everywhere in between, see why we are the trusted engineering voice in an ever-changing technological landscape.