Delivering the information from the sensors to the end user, and the end user’s action or response, are the last steps in the process, and they can be complex. The end user may be a consumer, commercial or industrial user retrieving data on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop using iOS, Android or Windows, etc. Your reporting must be designed to deliver an experience that works for the end user.

The ground rules

Middleware within the cloud must be set up with an easy-to-configure message delivery system—a message delivery rules engine similar to the rules engine on the sensor side. Rules might be where to send routine messages and where to send alerts. An authorized end user can log into a website to modify his delivery rules.

Unlike other systems, our Wisplet S2W IoT engine includes the Wisplet IoT Architect ™ Tool software which means no coding skills are required.

 Delivery means could include:

  • Emails
  • Text (SMS)
  • Voice mail (synthesized voice)
  • Status me messages on a webpage
  • Push notification to an iOS app (Apple) or Android smart phone or tablet

Its easy to be wise after the event

Responding to the event notification is the most important task in a sensor network, and ensures that both the sensor network is communicating data properly, and the IoT system is consistently enabling the end user to reply and decide action accordingly.


  • A push notification alerts to revise inventory order after reports from their vending machine tells the end user that stock is low, or
  • Text automation communicates to multiple authorized end users that a machine on the other side of the facility is unable to complete a job until a heavy component is loaded manually, or
  • A voicemail or email alerts the end user to routine input data needed the following work day and indicates how to reply.

The best of the IOT

The specialists at IOT Architecture Group will help you develop an experience that works best for the end user. From exploring the ideal delivery methods and response options for your sensors, to constructing the backend engineering and interface optimization that best makes sense of your data, there’s no aspect of your IoT network we can’t transform together.