The challenges to working within the IoT lie in the complexity of the connected devices – wireless protocols, frequency band, wireless range, communications data rates, device costs, power consumption, and security. No single solution fits every application.

The architecture for IoT can be complex, but the IOT Architecture Group can help you navigate the maze of options.


4 essential elements of the IoT system architecture


The IoT system begins with the devices that gather or "sense" information and then, unique to the IoT, periodically and automatically report data over the cloud -- without the need for human intervention.


Moving from devices, the next required element of an IoT system is the communication
interface -- the hardware and software elements that allow the devices to communicate with one
another and the Internet.


In the third required element of an IoT system, a server pulls in and captures the sensor data received over the Internet. The server identifies the source and topic of each
component, and stores it in a structured database so it can be handled according to rules for generating alerts and reports.

DELIVERY anD control

Delivering the information from the sensors to the end user and providing a way to control the network is the last step in the IoT process. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, vending machine or desktop PC, your reporting must be designed to deliver an experience that works for the end user.

It's time for your products to be connected to the IoT

As one of only a handful of AWS preferred partners, the IOT Architecture Group and its Wisplet modules assist new and legacy equipment with interfacing to the cloud. We’ve disrupted traditional sensor connectivity by embedding the unique Wisplet Rules Engine into each Wisplet in the series, effectively eliminating the need for custom software development and bringing the IoT within price range for every device with embedded technology.

The Wisplet's Rules Engine brings data control and intelligence to the edge of the cloud which means richer analytics and better device management for you. Now the status of your equipment is pushed to you and changes are updated without manual intervention.



Which Wisplet is right for your project?

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