What do you want to measure?

The IoT system begins with the devices that gather or “sense” information and then, unique to the IoT, periodically and automatically report data over the internet or your cloud without the need for human intervention.

At the IOT Architecture Group, our work takes us across the vast landscape of connected devices: from small, moisture sensors that need to alert owners to a wet floor, to large, inventory tracking devices stored in vending machines and reporting their inventory status.

Sensor endpoints are what enable the IoT to work in objects in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality, to power utilities and automotive. 



A practical IoT scheme needs sensors that operate autonomously, without human intervention. You should not have to supervise the sensors nor write new firmware to change the data output for your devices.

The IOT Architecture Group provides rules engines that automate reporting for the supported sensors. For example, new rules can be downloaded into the sensor over the IoT network by an authorized end-user or systems manager, without needing to go on-site or requiring complex programming tools. Authorized firmware delivered over-the-air (FOTA) maintains the functionality of your sensors by automatically keeping your rules engines up-to-date, preventing disruption of data flow.

The IOT Firmware within a product can be programmed to monitor its sensors and generate:

  • Periodic status messages
  • Operational test results
  • Faults and alarms 

Sample sensor rules:

  • Report the temperature every 24 hours. Report immediately if the temperature ever goes below 50F or above 90F
  • Report immediately, sound alarm and give visual indication of dangerous gas concentration.
  • Detect, measure and report water levels every week. Report if level raises above ¼ inch.
  • Remotely track usage levels and modify prices in vending machines.
  • Locate and remotely service machinery.


The IOT AG has embedded the following sensors in our client’s products: 

The IOT Architecture Group has developed electronics down to the component level, with appropriate firmware drivers, for all of the following sensor types. We have the engineering depth to develop customized solutions with low production costs.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Liquid level
  • Shock
  • Gas sensors (CO2, CO)
  • Acceleration, vibration
  • Location (GPS)
  • Light levels
  • Motion detection
  • AC power line status
  • Battery charge level
  • RFID tags; NFC



The IOT Architecture Group will work with you to design and build a sensor network that communicates your data needs. Whether your concern is developing the appropriate sensors for your product sizes, choosing communication options that will adjust to meet your bandwidth, or developing a low-cost innovation to complete your network goals, we have the experience and knowledge to realize each component of your vision. Contact us to get started on developing your custom IoT solution.